The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Bingo

Any tips for bingo newbies?

The most important thing about winning in online bingo is to avoid making mistakes. Or at least, this is what most people think. However, it is a game of luck, and there is not a lot you can do to improve your chance of winning or change it, right? Well, this is not entirely true. There are a lot of tricks and tips that you as a bingo player can learn to improve your potential for winning. Below we have provided the ones that have been personally tested out by us and proved to be most useful.

Avoid busy rooms like the plague

The rooms that are overcrowded are not in your favour. The main reason for this is the massive number of bingo cards. Since they are so many, your chances to snatch the jackpot are much smaller. It is better to find out a game in which the prize is rather small, and purchase more cards so you can improve your winning chances. This is how you will make the percentages work in your favour.

Try more expensive games

Many players are attracted to low-cost games because the risk is smaller. You will not spend too much, and if you lose, it will not break your bank. However, there is a downside to this, and it is the small reward. You cannot win a lot since the prizes are incredibly small. In the more expensive games, the prizes are much bigger, and the competition is limited.

Join an active online bingo community

A lot of players just jump from one bingo website to another. If you are a fairly new player, this is a certain way to make your growth static. We advise newbies to stick to one or two bingo communities. In this way, you will get to know the people and benefit from their experience and wisdom about the game. You will get sage tips and advice about online bingo from friendly players, and it is all for free. You can also join some Facebook groups and pages to keep up with the latest promotions and tips.

Look for the best bonuses

There is a site called Bingo Finder which offers a tonne of double your money offers as well as other promotional schemes. However, you should not expect to hear about those from veterans since they keep them secret to avoid any additional competitions. You can read about those in any unbiased reviews or articles that are similar to this one. If you are interested an additional cheat sheet can be found here.

Change cards

Punters can be quite superstitious, and this has a way of turning into a prophecy that fulfils itself. If you believe that the cards you are holding are not lucky, you should change them. Do not forget that the bingo websites allow you to do this for free, so you should seize the opportunity.

Choose a reputable site to play at

Do not be a victim to a crooked site. To protect yourself, you should only play at the best online websites, in particular, the ones who have a reputation for fair play and reliability. As we mentioned earlier, you can just find a review site or a forum which will discuss each operator’s pros and cons.